DUPPIMEX – FLOREA D.SIGN is a steel construction manufacturer, established in 1997 and centered on the manufacturing of unique arrangement items, especial showcases.

DUPPIMEX – FLOREA D.SIGN designs and manufactures a wide range of metal constructions, like: professional showcases and furniture for museums, exhibits, shops, private collections, LED’s or fiber optic lighting systems, lighting fixtures, stairs, handrails, gates, curtain type ceiling with lighting, collapsible stair head for terraces, etc.

has a workshop in which we can perform a number of refinements such as: turning, milling, drilling, sanding, bending, welding in argon and CO2, welding bolts, water jet cutting, plasma cutting.

The designing DUPPIMEX – FLOREA D.SIGN office provides 2D and 3D view of projects.